Materials and Care

Sabrina Epton Art

Materials and Care

I use many different materials in my work including Winsor and Newton water mixable oil paints, Golden high flow, fluid, and heavy body acrylics, India ink, Liquitex acrylic ink and alcohol ink. If you would like more information about the materials used in a specific piece, please get in touch with me via the "Contact" form

All finished pieces on canvas and wood are sealed with Winsor and Newton varnish spray to protect against dust, dirt, and UV damage.

Tips for proper care:

Although my works have a UV-protective finish, they may fade or yellow with prolonged exposure to sunlight. To ensure this does not happen, please display and store pieces away from direct sunlight. Works on paper should be framed under glass that has UV protection to prevent fading.

Ultimately, a preventative approach is the best way to care for any artwork. Items should be stored at a comfortable temperature, protected from dust, dirt, and water.